Clinical-strength skincare

Renaissant offers a comprehensive range of leading dermatology skincare products, including solutions from Dermaceutic Laboratoire and Biopelle®. Your highly experienced specialist will work with you to prescribe an individualised skincare treatment plan specific to your skin concerns.



A leader in advanced skincare solutions, Biopelle® offers a full spectrum of clinically proven skincare products that dramatically improve the visible signs of aging. It is the only medicalgrade skincare line that utilises the secretion and eggs from the Cryptomphalus aspera snail, as featured in Tensage® Growth Factor and Tensage® Stem Cell.

Biopelle® Retriderm® Retinol

Retriderm® delivers Retinol (Vitamin A) in a protein-rich, oil-free, aqueous suspension to allow for maximum absorption, minimal irritation and visible results. The serum helps to achieve softer, smoother skin; diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and generating the appearance of thicker, firmer, plumper looking skin.

Biopelle® Tensage® Growth Factor

Tensage® Growth Factor features SCA Biorepair Technology, a special secretion from the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail, which contains growth factors combined with glycoproteins and antioxidants to help repair, maintain and protect skin from visible signs of photodamage.

Biopelle® Tensage® Stem Cell

Tensage® Stem Cell features CellPro™ Technology, a unique, natural ingredient extracted from the eggs of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail. It is clinically proven to help replenish, reinforce, and restore the appearance of youthful-looking skin.

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