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Your hands are unique. They hold the power of touch, the power of feeling and the power of function. When this function is impaired by injury, trauma or other medical conditions, it can deeply affect your entire life. Restoring hands and wrists to optimal functional performance requires the mind of a scientist and the heart of an artist. Renaissant's specialists are masters at both.

Restore your function. Renew your future.

Our team of experts are industry-leading in the field of hand surgery and microsurgery, performing a comprehensive range of hand and wrist procedures, using innovative techniques to effectively treat complex injuries.

The team is led by Dr Scott Ingram, one of Australia's most respected hand and wrist surgical specialists. With over 20 years' experience, he has dedicated a significant portion of his national and international training to developing his expertise in this field, undertaking two Hand Fellowships. Dr Ingram is passionate about using his extensive medical knowledge and surgical expertise to heal and enhance people's lives.


Sports injuries

Injuries to the hand and wrist are increasingly common in both contact and non-contact sport accounting for around 25% of all sporting injuries. Their potential severity is often disregarded, and if not properly diagnosed and urgently treated, these injuries can have a significant and long-term impact on the athlete. Restricted range of movement, ongoing pain and discomfort, and an increased risk of reinjury are all potential outcomes that can prevent the athlete from returning to their chosen sport.

At Renaissant, our team is highly experienced at successfully treating sports-related hand and wrist injuries, including fractures, and sprains or damage to tendons, nerves and ligaments.


Accidents and trauma

Despite safety awareness campaigns, hand trauma in both adults and children continues to account for a significant number of emergency presentations. Workplaces and homes contain all manner of potential hazards to hands and wrists, such as sharp implements, chemicals, machinery and electrical equipment.

Our team are renowned for their expertise in treating emergency hand and wrist cases involving burns, lacerations, crushes, punctures and fractures and are highly skilled at performing microsurgery for the reattachment of amputated parts and hand reconstructions.


Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

This common and progressive nerve compression disorder can be extremely painful, and even debilitating in extreme cases. CTS is caused by factors including muscle imbalances from repetitive or static flexion of the fingers and wrist, direct trauma, diabetes or arthritis. Sufferers can experience painful inflammation, numbness, swelling, pins and needles, and loss of co-ordination or strength in the fingers and thumb.

Swift diagnosis is imperative to reduce the onset of this disorder, and reverse its affects. Renaissant's specialists are experts at diagnosing and effectively treating carpal tunnel, either conservatively or with traditional or endoscopic surgery.


Hand and wrist procedures are suitable for:

  • Bone fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Tendon damage
  • Joint damage
  • Amputation

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