Eyelid surgery

Drooping eyelids and excess skin around the eyes can dramatically affect your appearance and even your vision, while puffy bags under your eyes can make you look permanently tired and prematurely aged. Renaissant's eye lid surgery can overcome all of these challenges by tightening and firming the skin around your eyes to reverse the signs of ageing. The surgery removes any fat or excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids, corrects drooping upper lids, and removes unwanted puffy bags.

Tighter, firmer, younger-looking eyes

This procedure is ideal for clients who dream of seeing their more youthful, confident self in the mirror again. We focus on achieving natural results that help your eyes look younger, fresher and smoother.

A Brow Lift is a suitable procedure for:

  • Drooping eyelids
  • Excess skin or fat on the upper and lower eyelids
  • Unwanted puffy bags

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