Fat dissolving injectables

A double chin, or sub-mental fullness, can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your profile, making you look older and heavier than you really are. Renaisssant's fat-dissolving injectables can help you achieve your desired facial contour. These targeted injections contain synthesized deoxycholic acid that reduces pre-platysmal fat calls within the treatment area. This visibly decreases the appearance of your double chin, leaving you with a more defined and contoured profile.

Enhance your facial profile, build your confidence

Renaissant's fat-dissolving injectables can deliver visible improvements in your chin profile within just two to four treatments, although a total of six treatments may be prescribed. We'll tailor a treatment plan to specifically suit your anatomy and circumstances, and your goals.

Fat-dissolving Injectables is a suitable procedure for:

  • Double chins caused by genetic factors, the ageing process or weight change

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