Regain Natural Shape With Breast Surgery in Brisbane

Apprehensive to undergo breast surgery in Brisbane? Employing the very latest reconstructive techniques, Renaissant's surgical experts can rebuild one or both breasts, following a mastectomy to closely match your natural shape.

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Our surgeon will consult with you on the most appropriate way to reconstruct your breast/s, which may involve the insertion of a breast implant, using your own tissue, or a combination of the two. This surgery can also include creating a new nipple and giving it and the areola natural-looking colour with cosmetic tattooing.


We will perform seamlessly to heal, restore and improve your future with breast surgery in Brisbane

Most commonly our surgeons will perform the procedure using a technique known as flap reconstruction, which involves using donor tissue, generally from the abdomen, to create a breast shape. If an implant has been chosen, but the necessary tissue is lacking, a temporary tissue expander may be inserted to progressively expand overlying tissue. Once at a sufficient size, the expander is removed and replaced with a permanent implant.

Your surgery will be performed under general anaesthetic, with the length of procedure and stay in hospital dependent on the type of breast surgery in Brisbane. During your time in hospital, you will be closely monitored by an experienced medical team who help manage pain and discomfort and ensure your wounds are healing appropriately.

We also provide breast augmentation and reduction to get the best results. Talk to our experts to get the best advice and make the informed decision for yourself.

On discharge, you will be provided with a comprehensive plan to manage the wound and associated pain. Some redness, swelling and bruising around the wound is normal and will eventually settle. Driving is to be avoided for the first two weeks after surgery, with heavy lifting, strenuous exercise and unnecessary strain on your wound to be avoided for six weeks.
Breast reconstruction is suitable for:

  1. Mastectomy
  2. Partial Mastectomy
  3. Lumpectomy

Entrust on our specialists to give you the best advice in your best interest. Visit our clinic or call us at 1300 259 297 or write at to know more about our breast surgery Brisbane.

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