Our day hospital

The safest, quality care in our fully licensed, state-of-the-art day hospital

Renaissant's custom-designed day hospital is fully licensed by Queensland Health, and independently accredited in line with stringent industry regulations.

Our Cosmetic procedures are performed by Renaissant's qualified surgeons in our own purpose-built day hospital. This brand new facility has been co-designed by medical professionals, architects and interior designers. Every single detail, from the configuration of the space to the luxurious finishes, has been carefully considered to be both precisely functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Renaissant's two spacious operating theatres are equipped with the very latest medical technology and equipment to provide you with a pre-eminent hospital experience. You'll be welcomed into a modern, pristine environment where your safety is paramount. Post-surgery you'll also be cared for in our beautifully appointed recovery rooms where your wellness and comfort are our priority.

Larger Reconstructive procedures are performed by Renaissant's surgeons at Brisbane's Mater Private Hospital. All Therapeutic procedures are performed in our adjacent Clinic.

Centrally located near the Mater Private Hospital

Reniassant's day hospital and clinic are located in Woolloongabba, just five minutes south of Brisbane's CBD and only a two minute drive from the Mater Private Hospital. Situated away from main roads, this central location offers our clients exceptional convenience but also privacy. Our close proximity to the Mater, along with our established direct relationship with this leading full-service hospital, means our clients have security and peace of mind throughout every procedure.

Quality policy

Renaissant Aesthetic Health is accredited to ISO 9001:2016 and the National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards.

The management and staff at Renaissant are committed to:

  • Provide healthcare of the highest standard using a risk-focused process approach, based on Best Practice and regulatory requirements
  • To provide a timely, competitive, safe Private Day Hospital service that will compasses measurable and ongoing continual improvement, to our clients, as a basis of all practices
  • Engage with all our clients, both internally and externally, to ensure we identify and meet their needs effectively
  • Ensure the Quality Policy is available to all interested parties
  • Regularly review and assess the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and implement improvements that are based on ISO 9001:2016

View the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights here :

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights PDF




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